Bollywood Batch

Bollywood Batch

Introduction :
This batch is recommended for beginners as well as intermediate learners.Come feel the vibe, energy & essence of bollywood dance form at our dance studio !
We have different types of bollywood batches like 

Indian Bollywood Batch : This is our all time favourite batch we call it our ‘Beat pe Thumka’ batch. This batch mainly is for the people who are looking for some entertaining, graceful,peppy & wedding dance moves.

Western Bollywood Batch : We absolutely love the fresh energetic vibe of this batch and we call it ‘Beat pe Swag’ batch.This batch is mainly for all who like bollywood songs with a touch of urban moves & style. This batch is a perfect combination of style & entertainment. This batch is mostly liked by the youngsters.

            BATCH SCHEDULE 

Indian Bollywood Batch(Lakhudi Branch)
DAYS : Mon Wed Sat
TIME : 5-6 PM

Western Bollywood Batch (Lakhudi Branch) Intermediate Level
DAYS : Tues Thurs Sat 
TIME : 7-8 PM  

Basic Bollywood Batch (Lakhudi Branch)
DAYS : Tues Thurs Sat
TIME : 8-9 PM

HL Branch :
Currently we only provide private coachings at the branch near HL college. Private coaching is available for dancers & non dancers. 

Every month we come up with new dance choreography and song.
Call us on 8732961148  for more details.

For more updates feel free to check our Instagram page : @srushtishahdance