Bollywood Batch (Adults)

Bollywood Batch (Adults)

This batch is recommended for the one's who are already dancers and who are willing to learn further.Come feel the grace,energy & expression of this dance form this month with a lot of floor work moves and entertainment on bollywood numbers.

                                                        BATCH SCHEDULE (4 DIFF. SLOTS)

MON,WED & FRI 9-10 AM (1000 Rs per month) BASIC

TUES, THURS, FRI 4-5 PM (1000 Rs per month) BASIC

MON to THURS  8-9 PM (1400 Rs per month) ADVANCE

MON,WED & THURS 9-10 PM (1000 Rs per month) BASIC

we come up with one new dance form and song for every month.
Call us on 8732961148  to enrol your names.