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Srushti Shah's Dance Academy

INTRODUCTION: Srushti Shah is the solo director and founder of the dance academy.She has always desired to learn as much as she can which helped her in introducing her dance academy as the house of "versatility".She had made her way in Mumbai getting trained under the finest choreographers and dance institutes such as Shiamak Davar International (SPB course), Meher Malik's Banjara (workshops), Rahul Saxenna's Dance Connection( ITP course) and had performed as a lead performer in Shiamak Davar's Summer Funk 2016.She has also choreographed for an urban Gujarati film named "Armaan" and more gujarati film which is yet to release. She got herself improvised in her own way as well as learned the authenticity of each dance style out of which she emphasized on learning Bollywood, ballroom dance styles (salsa, tango, jive), indo-jazz, contemporary, kathak, bhangra,garba belly dance and much more.

   Being a passionate dancer as well as a choreographer she had professionally built up a place in the field of choreography at a very young age.At this very young age, she has undoubtedly exposed her jaw-dropping talent, eternal love, and passion for dance.

 ABOUT THE ACADEMY AND OUR OBJECTIVE The primary objective of our academy is to tap the underlying talent of our students as well as the clients.There are a lot of people who possess a tremendous amount of potential in them, just waiting to be garnered by the likes of the course.What we intend to do is to create a proper training system purely and solely based on technique and groom them in such a manner that they are eligible to perform professionally.

  DANCE IS IN THE AIR Whether its films, television or social functions dancing has become an integral part of Indian life.No wonder then that ;:only dance related shows are most popular on Indian television, everyone is expected to be a good dancer.Dance keeps you fit!Dance teaches the importance of movement and fitness in a variety of disciplines.As well, dancers learn to coordinate muscles to move through proper positions.Dancing is a great activity to pursue at almost any age.

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